For Folk’s Sake it’s Greymatter

The all-girl folk-rock band Greymatter electrified the audience at quirky Bournemouth bar 60 Million Postcards.

The music was kicked off by Sarah Griffin, an acoustic solo act who sung about Pete Doherty and avoiding work at the office. She was followed up by Not Made In China, who sound like a happier Maroon 5 and who sing songs such as “I’ll do what I want so long as you do it first”.

Greymatter admit that their music is hard to label, and this statement rings true throughout their show. Ranging from melodic folk to ballads to country and tinged with rock throughout, Greymatter reel off a string of easy listening tunes with a catchy groove. Their cover of the King’s of Leon song “Use Somebody” was interesting, as the band’s sound could be described as a mellower version of those eponymous Tennessee rock-stars.

The two voices of lead singer Emma Kavanagh and singer/guitarist Georgey Payne blend together beautifully. Georgey’s lower, classically soft-rock voice provides a fantastic companion to Emma’s soaring vocals.

New song “When she goes” which Emma says is ‘fit for Eurovision’ blended seamlessly with their other material, and closer “The One Thing” rounded off the gig with some fast strumming and crashing cymbals.

The folk night on Tuesday, called For Folk’s Sake, was organised by Bournemouth University students and gave Greymatter a scintillating send-off before they embark on a European tour.

The band has recently recorded their third album which will be coming out soon. See their website for more details.

Watch their opening song at 60 Million Postcards


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